Drywall Products:

Before you re-do any finish on the walls such as; painting, faux, or plaster, there are usually repairs that have to be fixed. This DVD shows how to repair; Popped Screws, Overcut Electrical Boxes, Holes, Ceilings, Loose Bead, Dented Bead, Loose tape, and Cracks above Doorways. In addition the dvd also covers the process of final sanding and skim coat. Now you can obtain that perfect canvas for any kind of final finish on your walls and ceilings. ©2008 Approx 1 Hour (Note: No return on DVD's)..
Author Myron Ferguson shares the latest information on new tools, materials, and inside tips of the trade. This book is ideal for the homeowner as well as the professional. Topics include: • Drywall Basics• Tools and Materials • Hanging • Taping • Sanding • Special installations (ex: off angle corners, butted seams, etc.) • Repairs • Decorative Drywall• Basics of sound control • 4th revision ©2012. Includes DVD (Tips and Techniques for hassle free drywall installation).
A perfect solution for an electrical box locater. Just push the Mark'N Guard insert into the outlet box and hang the drywall tacking it in place. The tip of the Mark'N Guard will penetrate the drywall. Easily visible so makes cutting around the box a snap.

A 9" diameter sander that has a unique side to side , up and down, and circular mobility. Up to 3 times faster than a conventional pole sander.

220 grit sanding disc for the radius 360 (25 sheets/pack).
This DVD takes you right to the job site so you will see first hand exactly how to work with the tools and apply the techniques. This DVD is also a companion for the Drywall Book. ©2004 Appox 1 hour. (Note: No returns on DVD's)
Robin Raymer, The Plaster Man covers service preparation and gives step by steps instructions as well as demonstrations that show you the most effective methods of applying base coat over plaster or drywall.
On this program, Robin Raymer, the plaster man, reveals the materials and exact recipes that are used, and demonstrates how to apply smooth coat finish, sand swirl, and knock down texture as well as other finishing techniques and styles

Techniques are shown on how to secure and prepare the walls and ceilings for resurfacing. Robin uses historically accurate materials in combination with bonding agents, plaster washers and fiberglass mesh tape to show how to handle the most challenging project.

The RockSplicer creates a recess to lay your tape and compound in so that the finishing joint is perfectly flat and smooth. ***Total weight over 60 lbs 
Robin the Plaster man demonstrates how to use special patching mix he's developed that is quick and easy to use and that gives professional results.
All 4 Plaster :
Base Coat-Finish Coat-Resurfacing and Repair all for a special price of $195.00.